Comme un architecte, les Markitects aident à créer la maison idéale ou la stratégie long terme, le plan marketing. Les équipes-clients peuvent ensuite tout mettre en œuvre, ou nous pouvons agir comme directeur marketing externalisé pour veiller que l'exécution soit aussi stratégique que le plan.

OTC dermocosmetics - brand portfolio audit 


Declining trends on 2 of their top 10 brands needed a strategic intervention. Omega Pharma (now Perrigo) has grown their product portfolio in an entrepreneurial way, launching new products continuously. Having little time to reinvent beyond short-term emergencies, the Markitects were asked to take a step back and challenge the whole range.  Omega Pharma asked us to analyse the markets, seek out strategic growth segments & key consumer decision-levers. The goal was to refresh 2 historic brands to drive category growth again.


From deep analysis of 5 years’ worth of data (consumer trends, selling-out data, qualitative research), we filtered out key growth-drivers, crossed it with external trends, new insights and competitor innovations inside & outside the specific markets.

With this market-understanding, we questioned every facet of the brand and built a grounded brand positioning, a streamlined portfolio, brand architecture and a rethink of existing marketing strategies.

« The Markitects approach a new market in a quick, strategic & lateral way. Their wide marketing expertise across industries translates into immediate added value. They helped us to reposition Omega Pharma dermocosmetic brands in no time."

Lieve Pattyn, Marketing Director Omega Pharma

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