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Zoals een architect helpen de Markitects met het ideale huis, de lange termijn strategie, het marketingplan. Klanten kunnen zelf de plannen implementeren of we helpen als externe marketingdirecteur zodat de executie even strategisch wordt als de plannen.


The telecom market is very dynamic and aggressive, hence Orange has developed speed and reactivity to respond to competition and make sure its services are constantly responding to customer needs.

With Telenet and Proximus forcing customers into multi-product convergence to lock them in, the time was ripe for Orange to enter the battle.


the Markitects integrated the Belgian marketing team for 5 months to support the strategic switch from mobile to beyond-mobile and craft a compelling convergent customer value proposition.


Starting again from the basics, analyzing customer needs & pain points, relook at the market segmentation to claim a territory closer to a blue ocean, unattended by competition.

To do that, we firmed up all the proofpoints that could help feed the freshly rebranded Orange-brand and above all that could differentiate Orange from the existing duopoly offer.

Gregory’s fresh eye helped us note that Orange does a series of things differently and that we don’t dare to communicate enough about it. He challenged our USPs to remain relevant to our customer base and helped to create a unique & future-proof story to attract new customers by stimulating us to reinforce our pioneering & mobile-first DNA.



The Markitects joined the team to contribute to Orange’s crucial transition to multi-product convergence in a very competitive market. Their external view onto telco challenged our thinking and reframed our mindset. Going beyond telecom-thinking was key for me, as Orange wants to be a bolder challenger and pushing for a clear differentiation vs our usual competitors is a necessary ingredient for this.

Cristina Zanchi, Chief Consumer Officer, Orange Belgium

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