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Can we design KEYSTONE HABITS to stimulate green behavior?

Do you find evidence on these essential habits that trigger many others, as described by by Charles Duhigg in 'the Power of Habits'?

If jogging is a good habit, it's more than that. Studies have shown it leads to the development of multiple good habits : from healthy eating to better sleep to vegetarianism....

Keystone habits start a chain effect that produces a number of positive outcomes: From jogging, to better sleep, to better eating, to stop smoking, to less disease, less stress, etc. It has a domino-effect!

The question for this debate : Which habits trigger a stream of #sustainable planet-conscious #habits?

One cannot hope that the masses jump from hyper-consumerism to zero-waste zero-meat, in one fluid move. It's a gradual shift of consciousness.

Is there a type of behavior that triggers others? What if people start biking to work? From biking, there's a health-wind of change that starts questioning too much meat. From too much meat, one starts reading about the positive impact of vegans (1/3!) on carbon footprint. From vegan to zero-packaging...

If such a trickle-down effect, a magic habit, exists, one could focus efforts to convert entire communities with just 1 keystone habit...

Happy to hear your thoughts!


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