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Zoals een architect helpen de Markitects met het ideale huis, de lange termijn strategie, het marketingplan. Klanten kunnen zelf de plannen implementeren of we helpen als externe marketingdirecteur zodat de executie even strategisch wordt als de plannen.

TRANSITIE TERVUREN is a local hub, a citizens' association with the aim of leading or centralizing concrete projects to make a town sustainable and future-proof. 


As an active member / pro-deo marketing director, we helped this initiative to gain traction


In terms of marketing challenges, the usual bottlenecks of pioneers are present : the transition to sustainable is new, it's a vast change, it's about leave a comfort zone, it's about experimenting new solutions, it is about confront & inspiring non-seeking non-users about the benefits of change, it is about reducing friction in the conversion journey.   

- Strategy / vision & mission : ensure all activations / events drive the right target towards the long term goal (non-users = non interested or converted consumers that haven't made the shift to sustainable yet. 

- Marketing plans and Brand touch point strategy (co-developed with other freelancers or agencies : Logo, website, communication material, events, etc)

- Content Strategy (Social Media, strategy and content curation, creation)

As pressure towards reducing carbon emissions mounts and the 2030 urgency feel every more present, we are continuously exploring new avenues of sensibilisation efforts.

As the theory of the diffusion of innovation states, a differentiated approach is being tested to address different stakeholders with adapted channels and messages, in order to accompany the required changes, based on the maturity / engagement of each persona. 

Work in very progress...  


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