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Zoals een architect helpen de Markitects met het ideale huis, de lange termijn strategie, het marketingplan. Klanten kunnen zelf de plannen implementeren of we helpen als externe marketingdirecteur zodat de executie even strategisch wordt als de plannen.

Rebrand a range of technical B2C products into a strong & sexy challenger brand. We created a 100% coherent story, fully focused on its sustainable point of difference. The reason-to-believe? Natural & renewable enzymes! Since budgets were limited, we put the enzymes IN the brand (eezym.com), a range of household cleaning products, both super-efficient AND 100% from natural origin. It solves our unconscious paradox (natural products don't work), to break out of the 'green' niche & attack the masses. Eezym is a B2C brand of Realco SA, a belgium-based SME focused on enzymatic hygiene solutions.

Marketing strategy & plans from A-Z: Strategy, positioning, brand creation, brand architecture, launch plan, 3-year marketing plan, packaging, website, content strategy, social media, ... 

We continue to act as "outsourced marketing director", working with the team on demand : they call us and we work together on key strategic projects, we fine-tune implementation with the brand managers to ensure every brand activation project is "on-brand", and continues to contribute to the established long term strategy. 


"They transformed the way we market our B2C products, creating a clear strategic brand positioning for 1 focused enzymatic brand.The Markitects were able to create out-of-the-box marketing with our limited SME budgets. I feel confident that the choices we made together will prove to be successful."   

Luk Van den Berghe, B2C Director, REALCO

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