Waarom wij ?

De sectoroverschrijdende marketingervaring van 20+ industriën geeft een onmiddellijk boost en biedt innovatieve invalshoeken voor ELK type marketingprobleem.


Decode + Explore + Transpose We act as bridges. We build strategic connections between unrelated industries. Each marketing issue is unique, but reframing it from distance, we draw parallels between marketing cases, exploring an infinity of sectors, start-ups and markets.

Based on our cross-sector marketing experience, we will then transfer and adapt learnings from the most advanced strategies and tactics onto your specific challenge/category. Beyond screening (which a computer could do), we add a layer of associative strategic thinking into the mix to get to a solution which is both creative, intelligent, innovative and unconventional in your industry. 

We are naive experts 

Our clients are the experts of their own craft. The Markitects are marketing experts. However we come in naive and fresh of clients' issues. With the advantage of the evident step back, we zoom out to explore parallel worlds and marketing cases that resolved similar issues. Making creative & strategic links across business models is a condition for innovation. We go beyond sector-autism & break industry's codes/comfort zones. We dare to draw parallels and integrate lessons from more disruptive parallel worlds.


 Industry-agnostic, our cross-sector marketing advisory helps pioneers in their field to get their message across more effectively.


Variety of lenses

We work with a variety of approaches, we call them “lenses” more than tools. Based on the marketing issue, we challenge clients’ thinking with both theoretic and pragmatic concepts ranging beyond just the usual marketing techniques (e.g. conversion funnels shifting prospects from awareness -> consideration -> conversion / brand positionings / brand churn / loyalty-building / cross-selling). We believe that to accelerate adoption of pioneering products and services, more innovative approaches can be useful. These range from innovation diffusion theory, to neuroscience, decision science or behavioral economics. 


Iterative learning cycles 

Lending the agility of apps or start-ups, we believe in experimentation. Quickly confronting our clients and their customers (+ non-customers) with new assumptions, concepts, pilots or prototypes. Learn a lot at low cost, optimise, iterate and scale up. 


Associative strategic thinking

A.I. is known to utilise deep learning to repeat known logics. We add a layer of creative/strategic connections on top of a wide array of growth questions. We build brands based on quick diagnostics of rootcauses and exploring the world for you to apply proven strategies rapidly and without necessarily needing to reinvent the wheel. Why? To avoid companies copy/paste competition, which ends up in 'just' incremental innovation & non-differentiation. Marketing issues of a start-up are a few parallels away from a multinational or midcorp (awareness, credibility, conversion, recruit or cross-sell, churn...), only the approach & tools will change (& yes, we understand that not all media plans involve mass TV!). 


Positive impact

Our mission is to drive sustainable consumption (#SDG12). Marketing for good. Societal improvements. Healthier habits. Apply strategy to positive change acceleration.

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We identify

We “own” our clients’ business. We act in “we”.  We tend to become believers when understanding all the work behind the blinds. Our job is to make that story visible.

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Hard questions for the better

Being independent, we have the political freedom to challenge every aspect of clients’ approach. On par with CEOs or kings, we dare to question with authenticity.

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Differentiating & Disruptive

We love pioneers’ vision, they shift entire industries upwards. Passionate about innovation, we go for breaking new ground and inventive ways to raise attention.

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