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Zoals een architect helpen de Markitects met het ideale huis, de lange termijn strategie, het marketingplan. Klanten kunnen zelf de plannen implementeren of we helpen als externe marketingdirecteur zodat de executie even strategisch wordt als de plannen.

This NGO helps long term sick children to stay connected with their classroom.



The historic corporate name "Take off" wasn't helping its awareness & fundraising efforts.



For this pro deo project, the Markitects reviewed all brand levers to identify how the project could gain more traction and enlarge its impact in Belgium.

- Target segmentation : We audited the 4 different buyer persona's, with deep empathy and limited research funds, we initiated a series of survey to the stakeholders to optimise the current communication approach.  

- Brand audit : full analysis of touchpoints, of the usual 4 (strenghts and weaknesses, opportunities and threats)

- Parallel worlds : when a NGO competes for funding, it doesn't only compete for attention/budget/time vs. its direct competitors.It competes with all existing non-profits being the societies against cancer, against any type of illness, for any time of planet-friendly initiative, etc.  

- Positioning / Brand name : We helped created a new positioning, identified a new name. 

- Marketing strategy : We developed a flow of workstreams for the client, had it approved through their senior board officials.  

- Marketing plans and tools : we helped coordinate the creation of the new logo, new website, PR campaign, Social Media activations, events, sponsorship (together with the famous Red Devils!), CRM, content strategy together with expert agencies. We also used some growth hacking on a variety of tools to keep budgets close to zero.


We continue to act as outsourced marketing director and are coaching the team towards the implementation of the marketing plans. 


#Proud to be able to contribute to this great project that is helping children to remain active at school and to stay in close contact with their class, all through their long term illness.  We all felt what that was like during Covid months, these kids remain in lockdown the whole year...  

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