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Zoals een architect helpen de Markitects met het ideale huis, de lange termijn strategie, het marketingplan. Klanten kunnen zelf de plannen implementeren of we helpen als externe marketingdirecteur zodat de executie even strategisch wordt als de plannen.

IBA,  the world’s leading provider of solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, is a pioneer in its field.

They requested us to take a strategic look at new ways to perform collaborative research.

We scoped out how to launch an open innovation platform to communicate more broadly around IBA's cutting edge research and allow co-creation with a broader number of stakeholders in radiology research teams and large hospitals acros the world.

IBA wanted to created buy-in with key specialties at an earlier stage of the purchasing cycle. We were asked to translate this technical concept into a multi touch point communication campaign. 

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