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The Ministry of Health in Togo designated CAMEG to distributed generics to a maximum of people in the country. Customer experience (CX) mishaps have slowly eroded the image of CAMEG as a reliable partner for local health practicioners, clinics or hospitals. The goal of this project was to get a deep understanding of the different drivers of their image, map the drivers & barriers of their stakeholders through extensive market research. 

- Based on the research we co-conducted on the field across Togo, we crafted a thorough and challenging diagnostic (SWOT, drivers, barriers, buying persona cartography, customer expectations, competitor offerings and CX, channels and content needs). 

- Once agreement was established with the board on the brand audit, we devised a marketing and communications strategy to restore their image, create positive CX, and identify nurturing flywheel conversion funnels. 

- 3-year Marketing plans were then built to answer the strategy. Close-to-zero budget constrained us to the use of growth hacks and digital tools, knowing that even though the access to generics is restrained, a vast majority of people has the technology to be accessible (mobile phones).  

Training was done of the local teams to ensure independent implementation was enabled locally. 


“The Markitects have proven that they are able to translate their strategic occidental marketing experience into matter-of-fact plans that fit the context, constraints and culture of the West Africa generics market."

Daniel Vandenbergh - Aedes (Agence Européenne pour le Développement et la Santé) 


“You brought us your experience from european businesses and adapted it to the african reality and our health care dimensions. Your experience of both medical and other sectors creates an interesting mix to market our company differently.”​


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