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The Markitects are strategic marketing advisors.
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Climate: Complex or cumulatively simple?

By now even ostrich businesses are aware of a climate issue. We've had the youth in the streets, the alarmist scientists and 🙏 Greta's.
What if in '22 we all change gear, from angry awareness 😡 to step-by-step solution-crafting across industries?

Welcome to year 2 of the Do decade. It's an AND❌AND❌AND story : Each of us, within our personal scope, can we rethink every routine under our control?

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11 WHY's, 9 WHAT's & 6 HOW's for differentiating thinking

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”. Differentiation is how your brand is set apart from competition. Copycat marketing or incremental innovation (doing things a bit better vs. the others) will only buy time until the next price battle. 

To have an impact on growth, differentiation must be perceived.

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Nudge your marketing: intervene on consumer behavior

Behavioral science looks into psychological and social mechanisms which enter into action in our everyday decision-making. 'Nudges' are one type of interventions that have been used since long in marketing, but have now be quantified and fine-tuned to become a key communication element of any brand or government.


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Make Customer Experience (CX) a marketing weapon

When thinking of marketing strategy, we think of media plans, digital omnipresence, events, packaging or a website. People don’t often think of Marketing when considering the customer experience (CX). Isn’t that Sales? Customer service? Brands have a variety of touchpoints, sent out by different teams, and they shouldn't be handled in silo’s.

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