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Stimulate What-iffers who lift us up from our rails.

Love annoying Why-ers who refuse the “always-done”. Invite new angles that elevate debate.

Seek Unconventional. Unorthodox. Original eyes. Welcome brave pioneers, who dare to be disapproved by crowds & still believe. 

By now even ostrich businesses are aware of a climate issue. We've had the youth in the streets, alarmist scientists and 🙏 Greta's.
What if we all change gear, from awareness 😡 to solution-crafting across industries?

Welcome the Do decade. It's an AND❌AND❌AND story : Each of us, within our personal scope, can we rethink every routine under our control?

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”. Differentiation is how your brand is set apart from competition. Copycat marketing or incremental innovation (doing things a bit better vs. the others) will only buy time until the next price battle. 

To have an impact on growth, differentiation must be perceived.

Behavioral science looks into psychological and social mechanisms which enter into action in our everyday decision-making. 'Nudges' are one type of interventions that have been used since long in marketing, but have now be quantified and fine-tuned to become a key communication element of any brand or government.


When thinking of marketing strategy, we think of media plans, digital omnipresence, events, packaging or a website. People don’t often think of Marketing when considering the customer experience (CX). Isn’t that Sales? Customer service? Brands have a variety of touchpoints, sent out by different teams, and they shouldn't be handled in silo’s.

"Tipping point" in sustainable jargon defines the moment in which climate change becomes self-alimenting / unstoppable. But a positive change in society is surfacing. Can companies stimulate its speed? Make it reach critical masses? Can we make people tip? We summarized a series of positive changes into 4 pillars to argue humanity is capable to tip things the other way. 

Adoption of alternative sustainable eco-solutions follow the same curve as any innovation.

Some interesting facts, science to aliment our strategies and accelerate the shift of the mass consumer to sustainability. Read this to kickstart some pretty interesting debates with your management team!

Behavioral science shows : we need feedback. Feedback is an efficient ‘nudge’ in order to help decision-making.

The issue : Feedback of climate change is rare. We firmly believe that the planet only makes a chance if mass consumers join the race of sustainable behavior.

Do you find evidence on these essential habits that trigger many others, as described by by Charles Duhigg in 'the Power of Habits'?

If jogging is a good habit, it's more than that. Studies have shown it leads to the development of multiple good habits : from healthy eating to better sleep to vegetarianism....

Rushing consumers use cognitive shortcuts to avoid new information and block you out. Filtering, quick-scan, risk-aversion or routines allow them to keep sanity. Being aware of the lenses they use enables brands to work with them, not against them. 

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