As an architect, the Markitects help clients with the dream strategy, marketing plan or ideal home. Client teams can then implement or we act as outsourced marketing directors to coordinate execution with specialists.

The Marketing Director of Shurgard Self-Storage wanted to refresh his team with external thinking in order to kick off his annual brand plan exercice. 

After a deep dive in the sector, we helped him by challenging the brand, the conversion journey through a series of challenges and questions. 

Acting as naive experts (naive in self-storage category, expert in marketing), we thoroughly enjoy the process of throwing tough reframing thinking to our clients. 

We love to challenge status quo. It is good to turn the world upside down, zoom out of your worldview (or anything you hold for too certain) and put a ❓ every now & then.


What if... 

- We look at things as busy end-users

- More importantly, as non-users? They don't actively seek your solution. They don't even enter the journey, as they're unaware of their need or your solution. Is your search engine marketing oriented at the active seekers or do understand non-users so well that you confront them with your messages too, even if they're not looking for you? 

- As your simplicity-forcing grand-mother? No jargon allowed. Attention is down to 6".... 

- Look at the world as a system? What forces are impacting your eco-system? What actionable forces can you influence? 

- As a nudge playground? What type of behavioral interventions could you introduce to reduce friction in the conversion journey?

- What if Google would take over your business? Or if you were a digital platform or app?  

- What if your product was a service (Product-as-a-service) and you sold not storage space by m², but peace-of-mind by the month? 

- What if you really owned the relationship with customers : can you avoid seeing them only 1x/year? How to drive up frequency of contact, referral or peer to peer (P2P)?   


Don't you love these #reframing questions as a whack to your #marketing plans?!

Avoid copy/pasting last year plans and act by incremental innovation. Competitors will do the same. 

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