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Climate: Complex or cumulatively simple?

By now even ostrich businesses are aware of a climate issue. We've had the youth in the streets, alarmist scientists and 🙏 Greta's.
What if we all change gear, from awareness 😡 to solution-crafting across industries?

Welcome the Do decade. It's an AND❌AND❌AND story : Each of us, within our personal scope, can we rethink every routine under our control?

If we were starting from scratch, and resources were limited, would we do the same?

CEOs : Request a strategic roadmap towards a regenerative/circular business model?
CFOs : What gets measured drives behavior, so add KPIs to embed carbon measurements, integrate external biodiversity costs & face the bill...
R&D: tons of technology is already there, how to engineer it into your systems?
Marketers: strategy is about making choices, question the core ❤️ of your offer. Consumers are ready, and only pioneers will be able to differentiate.
- Procurement: demand carbon neutral suppliers only, imagine the speed of that cascading!
- Communication: translate the complex into simple, talk about your roadmap & achievements so far, even if you ain't perfect. It's about making noise & pressure to trigger competition into a positive spiral of collective action.
- Government: tax the polluter, dare long term thinking despite short term unpopularity, your grand children will thank you for facing your voters despite themselves.
- Consumers: every purchase is a vote. Chose change-rich products, massively. If demand is there, supply will follow instantly. Look at meat alternatives...

We can see climate risks as an impossible threat to our comfort zone, or as an incredible luck🍀?! Yes, we're born now & able to help solve humanity's most stimulating intellectual challenge... You're invited to contribute within your scope (no more ostriches🙈 accepted, only action-hungry colibris 🐦 or hummingbirds).

What part of your scope will you address in 2022?

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