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Embrace difference in 2024

Stimulate What-iffers who lift us up from our rails.

Love annoying Why-ers who refuse the “always-done”. Invite new angles that elevate debate.

Seek Unconventional. Unorthodox. Original eyes. Welcome brave pioneers, who dare to be disapproved by crowds & still believe. 

The different enrich our too self-certain bubbles (or is it ego?). 

Crossing worlds is known as the fastest path to innovation.

Allow discomfort to itch a little. Accept initial (normal) disbelief.

The impossible, if stretched & challenged enough, may very well twist to new possibles.

Let’s broaden the known, explore limits & add new edges?


Avoid the human confirmation trap. Group-Think gets us stuck into sameness.

Look for outliers, outsiders, originals. Rebels who risk & defy accepted codes of the category.

Listen to your non-audiences, who refuse your so-blue sky.


Wishing you a differentiating 2024…

Wish 3 short

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