As an architect, the Markitects help clients with the dream strategy, marketing plan or ideal home. Client teams can then implement or we act as outsourced marketing directors to coordinate execution with specialists.

For a worldwide big pharma player, specialised in HCP Marketing, wanting to transform its consumer-oriented Marketing skills. 


Our mission : Add consumer marketing expertise to the vaccine team. Help break through poor health self-management. Long term issues such as health (~sustainability is  not dissimilar) don’t bring immediate value in an instant gratification-world.

This was a solid pioneering challenge for the Markitects. Disease awareness of certain specific less frequent viruses is low. In a noisy chaotic world, fighting for the attention of the "mass patient" is a challenge. 



Prevention marketing has to solve a series of tough marketing issues :

- Non-seeking non-awareness, prospects suffer from myopia re their future health

- The conversion funnel is restrained by complex (disease) science, long (vaccination) consumer journey with the obvious inertia and limited top-of-mindedness of unsexy & non-urgent topics such as vaccines.

- Add to that regulatory constraints, unbranded communication and multiple stakeholders in the communication chain (General Practicioners, Pharmacists).  



From in-depth audit of the market, the conversion funnel, the needs & perceptions of the Belgian population to a full marketing strategy. We developed a "theory of change", creating assumptions for every step of the vaccination journey and pre-journey (as a frequently forgotton stakeholder is often the key to the problem : the non-seeking prospect). 



We developed a long series of pilots addressing the different identified issues & worksteams (be it towards HCPs or patients / consumers). In order to avoid waste and have efficient use of media budgets, a vast array of digital tools were tested (programmatic digital media, SEA oriented at non-seekers, CPC content, ...). We also identified partners that could help our client to access the target we were looking for. 

Towards HCPs, we reviewed the different enabling tools for sales reps in order to create top-of-mind awareness for a topic that is not on the of their agenda. 


Being able to contribute to advance science by translating it into actionable / digestible tools, adapted it to different stakeholders, fills us with great joy and pride.   


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