As an architect, the Markitects help clients with the dream strategy, marketing plan or ideal home. Client teams can then implement or we act as outsourced marketing directors to coordinate execution with specialists.

From scientific facts to a strong impacting story to attract early adopter health care practitioners.


- Help defining a penetration strategy, building a differentiating positioning to stand-out in the medical world & attract attention.


- Rework whole marketing strategy (new logo, brand architecture, commercial flow, distributor strategy, content strategy, social media strategy) 


 - Work through the whole marketing tools to generate awareness, credibility & conversion : Co-created (as outsourced Marketing Director) with existing and new specialist agencies the different "owned" tools (website, marketing collateral, packaging, naming, portfolio structure, distributor toolkit, detailed Aid for the sales teams, event material, PR, etc.) 


- Implement Revenue Marketing : build end-to-end Buyer Journeys from generating top-of-the-funnel awareness to implement full journeys to convert prospects to leads, clients, repeat buyers and referrals through combined sales & marketing touch points. With the introduction of Growth Hacking tools, we helped OneLife to beta test the whole process at almost zero budget in order to prove the concept before scaling it up. 


- Once corporate strategy defined, we adapted all tools towards a variety of markets / industries / stakeholders (gastroenterology, infection prevention, veterinary, dental hygiene, endoscopy, surgical instruments).


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Independent Cross-Industry Marketing Consulting network:

the Markitects inject strategic Marketing thinking from 20+ sectors to help clients grow sustainably².

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