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Simone a Soif! is a brussels-based start-up launched by strong personalities with experience from the retail, marketing & advertising and HoReCa. They developed a unique product range that solve the unconscious drink paradox : something can be TASTY and HEALTHY. Until now, our experience tells us that if you choose for a natural, unsweet alternative, you will be giving up on taste. Simone a Soif resolves this impossible choice (loss aversion bias impedes us from chosing a product that has us lose on these important purchase drivers, unless you're a utopist idealist that gives up on personal comfort in order to save the world a bit, one drink at the time). 

Their technology resembles hot infusions or alcohol distillery : they distill the taste out of organic fruit and manage to maintain the myriad of tastes & inject it in a light carbonated drink, hence creating a soft drink that isn't really one. 

Simone a Soif! asked us to craft a positioning that could undo a series of barriers blocking their growth : 

- (mis)perceptions of natural products 

- new-to-the-world category : it's not a soft drink, it's not a tea, it's not tasteless infused water. It's a hydrolade made from distilled organic fruit. Go & explain that to your mother-in-law...


From soft drink market audit to needs analysis of green millennials, purchase drivers and barriers, USPs to positioning, packaging co-creation with design agency. Marketing plan from touchpoint analysis to geo-marketing. 


Acting as outsourced marketing director, we helped the team with their ad hoc strategic requests while the internal marketers would implement activities.

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