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We bring you senior marketing experience from 20+ sectors. Think beyond competition and industry-accepted rules. Add immediate value, enrich your marketing with proven strategies and tactics.

Cross-Sector Marketing Strategy applied

We address ANY lifecycle stages: category-inventor, new technology, challenger brands, relaunch/rebrand, reinvent mature brands, sustainable shift, brand harmonization. We apply a mix of strategic reframing thinking with senior marketing techniques, twisting the mix with unconventional angles to respond to all clients' challenges.

We like to cross bridges with other industries to ignite new approaches & above all differentiation.

We help develop an actionable vision. Your brand positioning, the way you address your customers’ needs. The strategy behind your business model, your customer experience, your media touchpoints. Because the implementation of the strategy / positioning across all channels will nourish your brand, the Markitects can assist you in translating it back into annual plans and activation tactics.


We act as architect-supervisors of the plans, working with your teams and your existing agencies. For clients with lack of manpower, we coordinate the implementation as your outsourced marketing department.

Here are the type of questions we receive.william iven apply marketing strategy

  • My product has become a commodity.
  • Our customer experience has never been looked in its entirety
  • Our marketing mix is too product-focused
  • How can we explain our superior product features?
  • What can B2B possible apply from B2C?
  • BIG DATA / AI / Digital - what can our type of business do with it? 
  • My budget is 1/10 of my competitors. Worse, no budget. 
  • Can marketing do more pre-work for sales?
  • Too many media, where to invest our limited budgets?
  • We want the latest marketing tools integrated.

Are you user-obsessed yet?

It’s mandatory these days to say you’re customer-centric. Or patient-centric. Or consumer-focused. That you’re REALLY caring about what the consumer says. That you LISTEN. Why is it then, that consumers smile in disbelief, saying “yeah, right...”?

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Is it time to differentiate again?!

When is it time to rethink, to take a pitstop for your brand or marketing strategy? In the year-after-year rush and competitive pressure, there's never a good time. Question is : do you want to decide, or will you wait until some disaster happens? 

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Resilience-strategies for brand reinvention

In today's BREXITable Europe or post-March 22d Belgium, there's lots of talk about resilience: "the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties". Boris Cyrulnik, a survivor of deportation, finds that childhood trauma can result in adult strength. Heroes transform, develop & start again.

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Factors that accelerate adoption

Speed up access to your innovation? Everett Rogers looked deeper at what could accelerate adoption. He looked at product-related factors that could help speed up this process. 5 factors can accelerate adoption of an innovation: Relative advantage - Compatibility - Complexity - Trialability - Observability.

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