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Inject B2C marketing into HCP touch points

Doctors, be it general practitioners (GP), pharmacists or specialists (gynaecologists), are mostly marketed to as science-hungry B2B buyers, in a technical and very product focused way. Strange as it may seem, healthcare practicioners (HCP) are humans too : they’re “predictably irrational” or emotional, their attention is scarce and see too many competitor reps fighting for that attention.

Our FMCG experience helped us to take an empathic customer angle. We transformed the HCP marketing approach of Omnibionata Pronatal to gynaecologists into a value-machine : HCP’s core business is to care for their patients. Hence if companies deliver them valuable content that enables them to be efficient at their job, HCP will thank them for that service.

We helped with medical writing in collaboration with key opinion leaders (KOL), scouring literature for the latest valuable insights  allowed us to deliver that value to HCPs, making reps’ visits more productive and positive in terms of CX. Our meta-analysis of medical litterature covering between 30-65 international studies were new to the brand worldwide and scaled up in countries as varied as Spain, Singapore, Iran or Germany. 

This was fed through intensive multi-channel touch points to HCPs. We also made sure that content was bitesize or snackable, alternating short video capsules / article abstracts / meta-analysis / e-learnings / infographics or even experiential education to ensure the message reached its target.

On the B2C side of this brand : We managed the full 360° Relaunch of the OTC portfolio for pregnant mothers. Relaunch of the Omnibionta Pronatal franchise : new brand positioning, new range architecture, new sub brand, new packaging, translated new formulas by global into localised success. ‘Prevention’-marketing with offline & digital scientific tools, using the latest insights on micro-learning and omnichannel.

Result : Science was made accessible & credible for busy/low-involved professionals helped ensure Omnibionta grew double digit again, and remains the nr 1 prescribed brand in Belgium for pregnant mothers.


  " the Markitects contributed strongly to our brands, they show commitment and treat clients as if it was their own business.”

Ariane Misonne, Managing Director P&G Health Benelux

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