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We bring you senior marketing experience from 20+ sectors. Think beyond competition and industry-accepted rules. Add immediate value, enrich your marketing with proven strategies and tactics.

(Re)Launches from concept to mass market

Launch of a new-to-the-world technology, a start-up, a new trend, add a new purchase driver, create a new subcategory, build a new range. 

Relaunch a product,  restructure the portfolio, cut the tail, rebrand or reposition, etc. 

From vision to values, business model generation, from concept to value proposition, from marketing strategy to launch implementation, we developed a strong expertise in helping clients from an engineer’s product idea all the way to commercialisation.


From USP to CVP

Unique Selling Points (USP) = what makes the difference vs. generics / commodities / competitors. Customer Value Proposition (CVP) is your eco-system of value, your strengths from customers' perspective. According to segments / innovation eagerness, the value will be translated differently. Beyond product, what is the true benefit? What problem do you solve? Why do you exist? 

A common reaction we get after the work : "You understand us better than we do ourselves!"


New product development (NPD) 

Deep empathy with the (non)user, coupled with our cross-industry experience in concept exploration allows us to help engineering teams to explore unconventional use cases and alternative angles. "We never looked at it this way?" is a common thing we hear. Cross-functional and cross-industry, innovation lies at the intersections


Consumer research to uncover triggers

What makes users tick? Uncover drivers and barriers, painpoints, insights and key purchase drivers. We identify root causes of decline, churn or loyalty loss. We explore blocking factors for the adoption of new habits, technologies or products. From qualitative ethnography, focus groups, 121 with Opinion Leaders to mass-quantitative surveys, we like to coordinate the research with the expert agencies from initial objectives to result analysis.  


Zoom out - Explore Parallel Worlds 

Are new players solving initial customer needs? This is the favourite part of our work : crossing industry borders and apply our algorithms to scour similar marketing issues in related and unrelated industries across the globe. Our transversal / multi-sector / cross-industry muscles have been trained to detect strategic links between business models.“Lending” subparts of successful strategies and tactics enables clients to innovate and differentiate more quickly (at a fraction of the cost). Call it open innovation-marketing. Also, exploring solutions beyond your industry allows you to identify early / weak signals signifying new possibilities or threats? 


Positioning or Brand Manifesto

What specific brand territory will you claim? Beyond usual USPs (unique selling point), what values do you own? What’s your core DNA? Your lighthouse identity (the simple, unmistakable thing you stand for)? Your brand personality, tone-of-voice?  We translate this into a manifesto, a movement that will resonate thru the whole company, inspire fans / ambassadors to defend your brand (beyond just purchasing your product). 

We love differentiating brand positionings, but whatever the category, some basic boxes need a 'check' first. Some attributes are a must to be relevant and enter prospects’ set of considered brands. You can’t launch a car today without ABS, or an e-commerce without hassle-free retour handling. We call them entry tickets. Only then you can start differentiating. 


We create brands

We look holistically at all touch points and deliverables alike to build a coherent brand system that allows to reinforce the brand with every touch of the brand (Brand name creation, tagline or slogan, visual design system, brand identity guidelines, tone-of-voice, customer experience, all the way to content strategy with big brand ideas,...). 


Marketing funnels to convert 

Beyond the usual Awareness-Consideration-Conversion, funnels are now shown as “flywheels” (think wind turbines). The aim is to integrate the idea of dynamism into funnels. Two interesting dimensions: friction & force. Reduce bottlenecks, instead of pushing prospects to the bottom of the funnel. Think advocacy, create above-average customer experience and superior Net Promoter Score, in order for new clients to become influencers.


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